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Download Textbooks in Composition and Reading with Powerpoint Supplements

From this page, you can download individual chapters from the texts, Ideas about Writing and Ideas about Reading. Faculty like to link individual chapters to the material being covered each week during the semester. One chapter at a time is easier for students to deal with than fishing through an entire text, printed or online. 
Ideas About Writing Complete Text Download in .docx file  format.

Individual Chapters from the textbook: 

 Ideas About Writing Introduction
 Chapter 1 Paragraphs
 Chapter 2 Paragraphs to Essays
 Chapter 3 Essay Organization
 Chapter 4 Narrative Essay
 Chapter 5 Illustration Essay
 Chapter 6 Persuasive Essay
 Chapter 7 Summary-Response Essay  
 Chapter 8 Compare-Contrast Essay
 Chapter 9 Intro Paragraph
 Chapter 10 The Conclusion
 Chapter 11 Question of Style.

 Chapter 13 Quote & Paraphrase
 Chapter 14 The Subject and Verb
 Chapter 15 Prepositional Phrase
 Chapter 16 Coordinate Clause 
 Chapter 17 Adverb Subordinate Clause
Chapter 18 Relative Clauses
 Chapter 19 Fragments
 Chapter 20 Run-ons
Chapter 21 Commas and Quote Marks
Chapter 22 Punctuation Potpourri
Chapter 23 MLA Citation

Chapter 11 A Question of Style.docx
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Chapter 12 Practical Steps in Revision.docx
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